Tired of Hearing From All the Presidential Candidates?

Maybe it’s Time to Hear From The Can’t-idates!


Penis jokes. Personal putdowns. The occasional celebrity cameo. These days, the presidential campaign seems more like a cable TV roast. Once upon a time, we looked at the race to be Commander in Chief as a way to vet the person we want to lead our nation. Now, it often feels like the process is one table-flip short of being a Bravo reality show. It all makes great entertainment. But lost in all this is that pure, innocent belief that running for the highest office in the land should really mean something.

Which is precisely where The Can’t-idates: Running For President When Nobody Knows Your Name, the new book from veteran journalist Craig Tomashoff, comes in. While politicians continue to turn the election into a late-night comedy sketch, this book instead tells the amusing, amazing stories of a handful of Americans who believe so much in the process of running for president that they are risking the loss of friends, family and finances on a goal they know deep down they’ll never achieve. Why are they doing this thing that almost nobody will respect them for? The Can’t-idates explores the other side of the 2016 election to find the surprising and moving answer to that question.

So, before you step into a voting booth, step into the world of presidential wanna-be’s who might be your next-door neighbor, your kid’s martial arts instructor or even that funny stoner dude from high school whose fate you sometimes wonder about.