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CRAIG TOMASHOFF Storyteller Extraordinaire-er!


Craig Tomashoff has spent his whole life telling stories. (Seriously, just ask his mom about those books he wrote in the third grade about a private detective named Marmaduke Mouse.) Despite the modest price of a nickel a copy, he sold only one — to his grandmother. Since then, though, his search for new tales to tell has taken him all across America. He got drunk on a Utah mountain top with Jon Bon Jovi. He shot pool and talked politics in a Boise biker bar wwith some Hell’s Angels. He hunkered down in a Hollywood Hills bungalow to write jokes with Eric Idle. Whether it’s a celebrity profile, an essay about relationships or a book about tooling down roads less traveled, he’s the writer to turn to for unique, compelling and entertaining content. (And for copies of Marmaduke Mouse’s adventures, still only five cents!)